Month: June 2021

Why Index Construction Matters

Why Index Construction Matters

Accepted for CFA® credit

A complimentary webinar for insurance investment professionals

Sound asset allocation starts with thoughtful index design. Poor construction can render index concepts ineffective and negatively impact index performance.

Join us and leading industry practitioners to learn how index design may assist insurers optimize efficiencies in certain strategies and mitigate inefficiencies in others.

Join us as we explore:

The importance of index construction to index performance and linked investment outcomes
A practitioner’s view of how insurers might use index-based strategies to navigate construction differences
Considerations for insurance companies in using passive index strategies

Speakers include:

  • Lynn Bachstetter, Senior Director, Global Head of Insurance Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Marc A. Mercurio, CFA, Senior Manager, Insurance Solutions, Macquarie
  • Hamish Preston, Director, U.S. Equity Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices
  • Jürgen Wurzer, CFA, Deputy Head of Portfolio Management, Associate Director, Macquarie

Why Index Construction Matters
Source: DOW Global