Month: January 2021

The Question of Masks

Despite the overwhelming evidence in favor of wearing a mask we are still arguing about the efficacy of wearing one. The science is clear, but science-haters abound. The pandemic death toll is frightening, but not to a lot of Americans who don’t even believe the numbers. And finally, there is always one person willing to contest anything. This is the flat-earth phenomenon, an intelligent and well-educated person who, despite all evidence to the contrary, refuses to believe.
This from AIER.

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S&P Global BMI

S&P Global BMI

The S&P Global Broad Market Index (BMI) is the only global index suite with a transparent, modular structure that has been fully float adjusted since 1989. This comprehensive, rules-based index series employs a transparent and consistent methodology across all countries and includes more than 11,000 stocks from 25 developed and 25 emerging markets.
S&P Global BMI
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